Recommendations for Robert Perlberg

Systems Administration Consultant

“Robert Perlberg has been invaluable in helping us setup a foundation for growth at Spontaneous. His expertise and professionalism are second to none!” March 5, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Andy Milkis
hired Robert (perl) as a IT Consultant in 2007, and hired Robert (perl) more than once

Production Systems Administrator
Manhattan Transfer NY

“Perl was a life saver during our time working together at Manhattan Transfer and then RIOT NY. He always solved all the technical glitches and did something that I rarely see nowadays...he created tools to PREVENT things for going wrong as opposed to react to problems after they occur. Perl is great.” June 6, 2008
Luis Ribeiro, Executive Producer, RIOT NY
managed Robert (perl) indirectly at Manhattan Transfer NY

"Robert was hired at Manhattan Transfer to fill some very big sysadmin shoes - and did it admirably. Although I was only at MT for a relatively short time after Robert started, he did a exceptional job of keeping our systems - and us - happy." March 8, 2008
Grant Adam, Animator, Manhattan Transfer NY
worked with Robert (perl) at Manhattan Transfer NY

“I worked with Perl to resolve some technical issues with new video equipment at the time, since the manufacturer was slow in responding to. His keen observation and systematic approach to problem solving was refreshing. His recommendations for solutions proved over time to be right on. His creative software application tools also helped our Engineering dept locate and keep track of equipment which certainly made part of my job easier. I find him to be a very good team player because he looks out for others.” February 23, 2008
Richard (Ricky) Ricamonte, Video Engineer, Manhattan Transfer/Edit
worked with Robert (perl) at Manhattan Transfer NY

“Robert is a knowledgeable and creative problem solver as well as a enjoyable co-worker. It was a pleasure to work with him at RIOT / Manhattan Transfer.” February 11, 2008
Matt Reilly, flame artist, RIOT / Manhattan Transfer
worked directly with Robert (perl) at Manhattan Transfer NY

“I've had the pleasure of working with Perl from the Manhattan Transfer days through the Riot days in the sphere of television post-production. Perl meticulously kept our production systems and network in working order with virtually no downtime over the years. In addition to plying his skills as system adnministrator, he often developed software tools that assisted the artists and ops personnel in our visual effects business. Unlike many sysadmins, Perl was genuinely interested in the operational facets of the business and delved deeply into the inner workings of the production tools. He brings a thoughtful and practical demeanor to the table, as well as a wry (or is that rye) sense of humor.” February 11, 2008
Bill Topazio, VP/Engineering, Manhattan Transfer
worked directly with Robert (perl) at Manhattan Transfer NY

“I've found Robert Perlberg to be the most knowledgable UNIX administrator I've ever worked with. He is very fast and creative at solving difficult IT problems, and his ability to get faltering systems back online quickly has been most helpful. Furthermore, he approaches all his work with an excellent attitude.” February 8, 2008
Tom Fulk, Technical Operations Manager, Manhattan Transfer/Edit
managed Robert (perl) indirectly at Manhattan Transfer NY

“Robert is one of the best minds in the business. He has helped us on many occasions implement systems that were needed as well as troubleshoot many issues that have come up regarding software and hardware issues. A valuable person tho have on board.” February 5, 2008
Kenny Attard, Operations Manger, Manhattan Transfer NY
worked with Robert (perl) at Manhattan Transfer NY

Senior Programmer / Software Development
Resource Dynamics Inc.

“Perl's talents as a CAD programmer were/are superior and his sense of humor delightful. There was nothing Perl couldn't do to wring great performance out of an advanced design application on a poor old 68010-based machine! Creative and innovative, I'd work with Perl again in a heartbeat.” March 3, 2008
Sherry Finkel Murphy, Pre/Post Sales Manager, Resource Dynamics Inc
worked with Robert (perl) at Resource Dynamics Inc.

“Robert isa brilliant programmer and technician, combining a love of his subject matter with a terrific, selfless work ethic. He mastered new technology relentlessly and easily, and was both a great team member and a creative individual performer. I recommend him highly and would be happy to provide greater details for anyone interested.” March 3, 2008
Michael Colacino, president, Resource Dynamics
managed Robert (perl) at Resource Dynamics Inc.